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Moderator Application

Post by Requazz on Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:30 pm

IGN: Requazz


Level of Experience with Server Moderation: I have had little to none moderation experience but want to start

How Long You've Played on the Server: I have not been on the server yet for i am grounder for the week

How Would You Deal with Someone Being Inappropriate: I would let them know that they need to stop or it will result in a temp ban 5-10 min. If they have received the temp ban and do not stop i would ban for 24h if it still is continuing i will perm ban them.

How Would You Deal with a Spammer: I would warn them then if they don't stop ban for the day. I do not think this is worthy of a perm ban unless they have been banned many times.

How Would You Deal with a Modded Client User: I would make sure that they are using a modded Client then ban for a bit. If they are not perm banned the first time and are caught again that would result in a perm ban.

Why should you be picked over someone else as a member of the staff team? I am an trustworthy person that thinks that everyone deserve a fair time on servers!


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